Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bobby Conn - Never Get Ahead

Ah the end of the year and McClow of DetritusTV would like to give a few thanks. First to thank is Silver Medalist and we hope he soon enters internet land. The other thanks must go to the bottom button on McClow's jacket who put in a sterling effort over the past few weeks and with even the seasonal pressure of an expanding waistline and extra layers of clothes kept steady. This button held on with only one string for a number of weeks and this won't be forgotten.

It's New Year's Eve and DetritusTV is sure all its viewers will be out throwing some moves so we're here to help with some inspiration for the shapes to throw.

So here's Bobby Conn.

Happy New Year YA'll

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

YPPAH - It's not the same

Viewers have commented that one of the more innovative and popular features of our blog are the regional weather reports that we intermittently provide.

Today in the Sligeach Highlands it wasn't too cold, about 5-6 degrees C. Cloud cover was limited and sunshine was hazy as the photo shows.


Heres backwards happy

Monday, December 29, 2008

Le Tetsuo - Your Elbow

Le Tetsuo are an indie created specifically to counter the growing influence of the music of Das Kaneda. Who will triumph, DetritusTV is not altogether sure and has a limited interest in ever knowing.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kazuki Tomokawa - Waltz

Have you entered a coma like reverie due to the holidays? Need an instant shot to catapult you back to reality, well DetritusTV may have the answer. We recommend listening to the screaming philosopher Kazuki Tomokawa.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

McClow's Review of 2008 - And Record of the Year

In the holiday chasm that is the time between Christmas and New Year DetritusTV thought the relative calm of this period would be the perfect time for reflection and to share with you all our review of the year.

DetritusTV was gestated in July of 2008 and like a neotenous offspring we clambered and crawled our way around the darkly lit and barely digitised corners of the blogosphere. Thanks to regular updates and bouyant viewing figures DetritusTV has made it this far and passes into 2009 with completly unrealistic expectations as to what it will achieve.

If you have time we'd like to meander on a bit about music we liked in 08. This year witnessed one of the fiercest agrarian pop wars in recent memory as Midlake and Fleet Foxes fought it out with choruses of stoneworkers and greenery and while The Foxes won in terms of popularity DetritusTV thinks in the end Midlake will be known as the artistic victors for making the record with the unwieldy title of The Trials of Van Occupanther. Another artist namely Goldfrapp released an album with a pastoral theme and with its elegiac tone it ensured the band drifted from the mainstream, still a great album though. Releases by No Age and White Denim were pleasingly scuffed and rollicking and White Denim had one of the catchiest singles with Let's Talk About It. The Chromatics had the best record that you couldn't buy in a store and Alias's Resurgam was quality as was Katie Kim's Twelve. In terms of electronic music DetritusTV enjoyed the Shed album entitled Shedding the Past but would with no hesitation name Black Dog's Radio Scarecrow as the best record of 2008. One half of DetritusTV can say that it realigned the parameters of electronic music and what it can achieve and yet remained entirely listenable and enjoyable.

Micah P Hinson released an album but not much notice seems to have been taken as everyone was listening to Bon Iver's great songs that were actually written by his log cabin.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Most Annoying Words/Letters/Phrases of 2008

1. Elbow - One day when you hear the word elbow you will only think of its anatomical meaning and the image of any plod rock band will have long since evaporated. That will be a fine day indeed, yes sir. For the past year, you may have noticed that every mention of this group is prefaced with "after years of hard graft/work when no one was really bothered this is finally their year" Well to start we're talking about musicians not someone drilling oil in the North Sea, no one cares about their so-called hard graft. And the reason that no one listened until now is that they're one of the most severely dull groups ever to shuffle onto the moth eaten behemoth that is the British indie rock scene.

2. Credit Crunch - a particular downer for all and a shame that the most used phrase
of 2008 if it were anthropomorphised would I imagine be an uppity, irksome little f***.

3. Mgmt - Simply the most annoying collection of letters used this year. In an interview I read these bandana'd goons said that the name was mysterious. Tell you what the name SUN O))) conjures up some element of mystery the name mgmt reminds DetritusTV of waiting on a Monday morning wallowing in the mundane outside a middle managers office to report why we're ten minutes late for work.

4. Quantum of Solace - Or Question of Sport as it should be known. You really wonder why? Not that DetritusTV would watch to find out.


For 2009 DetritusTV will eschew the contemporary and tips one of the most pleasing collection of words to be the Incredible String Band.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Johnny Guarnieri - In a mist

DetritusTV has been rolling around in a roast potato induced stupor but we still have time for a special Christmas Day post. Maybe selecting a track like this will determine the year ahead and DetritusTV will become the home of Jazz. It really was inevitable and to start things off heres jazz virtuoso Johnny Guarnieri.

HO HO and HO HO!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Half Man Half Biscuit - It's Clichéd to be Cynical at Christmas

A respite from best of lists as that most well known of festivities Christmas is upon us.

HO HO HO! Merry Everybody.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Silver Medalist's Top Three Vids of the Year (as selected by McCLow)

In a blatant attempt to use best of lists to cover even more posts McClow and Silver Medalist have decided to select the best vids of the year as selected by each other.

In terms of Silver Medalist I would rate his top three as:

1. Denis Parker - Like an Eagle

This was the runaway winner, a vid so completely of its time, the woozy camera
panning, eagles flying around cities to the sound of a way over the top disco
tune. And don't miss Robin Williams hes on at 10.00EDT.

2. Sama Amidon - Saro

Quality track by a s*****/s**********.

2. Fucked Up - We Hate ****ing Roofs

Best vid of Fuck Week, a ******* great vid


And heres the winning vid

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best of the Re-Issues No.1 - Dennis Wilson

There really could be no other in terms of the best re-issues this year. Pacific Ocean Blue is one of the most haunting and majestic records Detritus TV has ever heard and we say that with not a hint of cynicism or insincerity. The package includes the lost Caribou album that was recorded when Denis was on a downward trajectory due to his alcoholism. While not the equal of Pacific Ocean Blue it is a worthy companion piece.

We really should be posting some kind of festive feeling music and not what the video poster describes as "the saddest three minutes in the history of pop." Think a statement like that could be an overstatement, check the vid.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best of the Re-Issues No. 2 - Robert Wyatt

After saving the day earlier in the year for beleaguered bankers he's back.

Certainly one of the most pleasing series of re-issues for DetritusTV was Robert Wyatt's back catalogue. If you've never listened to him you're missing out. Vid attached is a cover of a song originally by Chic, we thinks.

Best of lists are great especially when you feature at the top of them so viewers don't be surprised to see DetritusTV at the top of most best Blog of the year lists. And its approaching Christmas and not one viewer yet has emailed Happy Christmas.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best of the Re-issues No.3 - Liquid Liquid

Let the best ofs begin.

This year might be more memorable for re-issues than new music and one of the highlights was Liquid Liquid's - Slip in and out of Phenomenon .From New York and formed in the early 8o's,while their output was limited it has had a lasting influence and can certainly be heard in groups like !!! and LCD Soundsystem. The record collects 3 of their EP's and some extra tracks. They reformed this year and the vid is from a performance and you may recognise this song as its been sampled loads.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Mikkel Metal - wish never told me

DetritusTV : You may have noticed a proliferation of best of lists appearing in the corner of every publication.

Typical viewer: Sure have but surely these subjective lists have no real relevance and are always written from a skewed viewpoint reflecting not just the authors likes but the dictates of a magazine also. Why do them?

DetritusTV: (Confused) well they're easy to write and take up loads of space therefore DetritusTV will definitely be doing one, or more than one, maybe a few and a best of list of the best of lists. What yah think of that!!

Typical viewer: Yawn

DetritusTV: Quit your yawning heres Mikkel Metal.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

John Fahey - Poor Boys Long Way From Home

Some of us at DetritusTV are just learning about the music of the late John Fahey. He had a really distinctive sound and its sometimes hard to believe that its just one man playing. As one part DetritusTV is from the Sligeach highlands we were pleased to learn that one of his most famous recordings is called Sligo River Blues. Also attached is a vid of a fan playin this track and both vids are genuinely worth watching.


And Sligo River Blues by a fan:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blur - Good Song

One half of DetritusTV is very pleased to see that blur are reforming and hopes they do record some new material.

While we also like Mogwai its with some grim predictability that they have issued a lengthy tirade against this news the full venom of which can be viewed on their website. Why do they dislike them so much?

Heres a cool blur vid by made by David Shrigley.


And for they the haters you have friends:

Clipse - Grindin'

Clipse are two rappers who are always bragging about selling loads of coke. We sell loads of coke here too, but we don't feel the need to tell the world about it. We don't say 'the game', 're-up' 'corners' 'shorties' 'hoppers' or any other slang from The Wire that white people should NEVER say. Instead when we talk about selling loads of coke we talk about proft margins, pie charts, key demographics and moving things forward. We also never release cds produced by Pharrell Williams that declare our substantial interest in selling coke. Clipse do, and then they wonder why they're always getting busted by the cops. Their tunes are quality tho, and they've just given away a free mixtape/sampler of their next album which is to be found here and is slick. It's apparently released to promote their 'clothing line'. Yeah right. They're probably shipping coke in the jeans pockets like Victor Maitland in Beverly Hills Cop was doing with the art.

Silver Medalist

Thursday, December 11, 2008

^*MILOSH - -# The City,.

11010101010 Attention DetritusTV -hitspace-"". I am titled 453 WALTER ROBOT and I transmit this info message to update the great technological oracle of %%^^^ 7 MUSIC VIDEO DetritusTV of my new video. ===ret== . Some have said my voice is not roboty enouh, maybe so but who gives a ****. 7((=


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk On The Moon

Arthur Russell is one of those dudes who's albums always sounded compelling for completely different reasons. A sonic chameleon, you'd often have to check the label of the cd/record/mp3 tag to make sure this is the same Arthur Russell you listened to last time out. I dunno much about him only that he played the cello, was a disco/house pioneer, and died of AIDS. I guess i should go see that new documentary about him that's supposed to be really good. And so should you.

Silver Medalist

Monday, December 8, 2008

Q-Tip - Gettin Up

As Christmas approaches DetritusTV has noticed that the usual good cheer this time of year is in short supply. An all pervasive gloom has enveloped the land and this mood seems to have infected us all but wait, wait we say! there is a light that cracks through this darkness and it brings forth good tidings of a musical kind - Q Tip has returned

After an 8 year or so hiatus he has a new album and some decidedly tuneful tracks that improve with each listen.


And yes kids back in 2000 high priest tunics were where its AT!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sun Kil Moon - Unlit Hallway

Biff, bang, wallop. Detritus TV got up early this morning to watch some boxing. Such a noble art, seeing two finely tuned pugelists going at it toe to toe. I'd use the term 'balletic' but it's been put out to pasture long ago after being overused when describing action sequences in John Woo movies. My most favourite boxing themed band name of recent times is Sun Kil Moon, the project of Red House Painters frontman Mark Kozelek. Kozelek has one of those names that I never bothered to read entirely and just said 'Mark Kozowozzo' in my head any time he popped up. But now thanks to his Sun Kil Moon project and their imperious, sprawling album April, I've taken the time to learn his name properly. The next step is to say it aloud in public, which is a bit more daunting. Trufax - Kozelek took the name for his offshot from the Korean boxer Sung-Kil Moon, who won the 1986 World Amateur Championship for Bantamweight in Reno, and went on to hold two world titles in Bantamweight and Super-Flyweight.

This video for Unlit Hallway perfectly captures the atmosphere of an unlit hallway by showing absolutely nothing at all.

Silver Medalist

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Legowelt - Disco Rout

DetritusTV thinks its the end, for a while anyway, that vids for techno tracks like Legowelt's Disco rout will have such high production values.

In the future any visual accompaniment will be a programmed on an Atari 2600 and will be limited to the bats on pong reacting to the bass beat of the track.


And as it's Saturday and nearing Christmas here's something fun. Yes, DetritusTV is easily amused.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tocotronic - Jackpot

DetritusTV bought the first of Robert Wyatt's re-issues today and is frightened to see just how many albums he had.

We also had no control over the net version of the measles that has spread all over our blog. You may notice the symptom as the word youtube that has appeared in alarming frequency. If anyone knows a cure please, do let know.

Todays vid is from German band Tocotronic and is a really great track in a kind of Faust meets Bloody Valentines kinda way. Check it out!!


Sorry embedding disabled but all u got to do is copy and paste below. it is worth doin'

Morrissey - Roy's Keen

We're always adroitly poised to comment on the latest epoch defining real world events here on Detritus TV and there's no bigger current palaver than the departure of Roy Keane from his position of Grand Poobah of football at Sunderland. *Insert joke about him having to walk his dog Triggs here*. Roy has always been an enigma wrapped in a knitted brow and his latest bout of instrospection and subsequent re-appraisal of his managerial qualities are typical of a mad who has notoriously exacting standards. Imagine making the bastard a fry up? "Era, the egg's slightly too runny, the bacon is not crispy enough, the tea has too much sugar, take that you cunt, shove your fry up your bollix." I wouldn't say he'd be too fond of this watery Morrissey number taken from Mozza's late nineties period of him being generally ignored for not being enough like oasis or blur. Nice pun though, and for today it's a winner. Note the clapalong Top of the Pops pondlife going - "who's this perfumed ponce?"

Silver Medalist

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vivian Girls Versus Those Dancing Days

In the first of what is likely to become a regular feature here at DetritusTV we present a ferocious - VIDEO FACE OFF -.

Yes Sir, its the Vivian Girls versus Those Dancing Days!!

Both bands have been vying for DetritusTv's attention over the past few months but who will prevail? - the shoegazing New Yorkers or the darlings of the Scandinavian pop scene.

DetritusTV viewers its up to you, please leave a comment as to who should triumph and we'll let you know at the end of the week.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Samamidon - Saro

Singer/songwriters - whom henceforth will be referred to as s*****/s********** - are a very maligned breed, because there are so many godawful ones, that this cacohpony of mewlish wailing most offen drowns the sound of the few good ones. You aproach the ouvre of a s*****/s********** very cautiously, generally disdainfully, because you expect it to be terrible. When it isn't, like Samamdion's record, you can't help but think "i'm sorry i thought you'd be shit, forgive me". Anyway Samamdion is actually a guy call Sam Amidon, but he misplaced the space between his first name and surname and can't find it.

Silver Medalist

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Midlake - Roscoe

DetritusTV is sure its viewers often consider how we select a vid, is it random? do we even have a clue about the bands selected? or even like them?. Well for today only let us walk you through this exhaustive process.

What day is it? Sunday
What date is it? last hour in November
What are the light conditions? very dark
Weather? Arctic cold
Should flat caps feature? Yes

After collating this info there's only one group that suits and its Midlake.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Mira Calix - Nunu

Those interested in facts and music should check out today's article in FRIENDLY FACTS. It states rather authoritatively:

"A host of well established publications including BANKING BALONEY and THE TEACHERS TIRADE were involved in a series of articles this week proposing that various sectors in society were to be rated on their music listening habits. We have contacted music authorities and can confirm that this is not the case and in particular we would like to reassure listeners of Newton Faulkner that they are safe from decreased overdraft limits and will be allowed to attend college.

In jest FRIENDLY FACTS would like to propose that if any factfinders came looking for a job with us and indicated that Mira calix was one of their favourite artists we would employ that person without further questions."

DetritusTV is glad we have a job but we're sure we'd get a job if we played our employers the following song.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deerhoof - The Perfect Me

Anyone interested in education and music should check out the following article from this month's issue of THE TEACHER'S TIRADE:

"New Musical Education - Music to form part of admittance procedure
A leading college lecturers union has indicated that they are pressing for music to form part of the admittance criteria for college courses and not just those applying for music related courses but ALL applicants!!!. One teaching insider stated "We estimate that up to 90% of potential students listen to music and their interests here reflect their educational abilities. We will ask applicants to fill out a simple questionnaire and not to give anything away but if for instance a band like The Kooks or Mark Ronson was mentioned then we would look unfavourably on that student. If the name Newton Faulkner should appear anywhere on the form we would reject that application and advise the student that they can never apply again. If, however they indicated a preference for San Franciscan pop-bending art-rock like Deerhoof then we would admit that student automatically regardless of grades".

DetritusTV is glad we're finished with college but we'd say we'd get good marks if we played the following track.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Benoit Pioulard - Idyll

If you're interested in banking and music you should check out the following article from this month's BANKING BALONEY:

"Music to form part of Application Procedure

Sources have revealed that banking institutes are introducing a novel way to pre-empt any future crash and this will involve music. Future banking applicants will be vetted on their music listening habits. One insider stated "It's estimated up to 90% of our customers listen to music regularly and this obviously has an impact on their daily lives and how they conduct their finances. We intend to introduce a system whereby all future customers will be questioned on their music listening and this will determine their future with the bank. For instance and this isn't giving anything away but if a customer states they listen to MGMT this may result in the rejection of any overdraft facilities and if they admitted to a liking of CSS then we wouldn't process their application and would ask that individual to leave the premises. If you stated your favourite artist was Masha Qrella then we'd offer increased loan facilities as we'd know you had some sense.".

DetritusTV is glad we have a bank account already but I'm sure we'd get a good deal if played them the following track.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alan Braxe and Fred Falke - Rubicon

Anyone interested in driving and music should read this article from the Wexford Warbler. It quotes:

" Music to be part of new driving test
The driving tester Institute have recommended that a music section should form part of the soon to be updated driving test. A source from the Institute stated: 'up to 90% of drivers listen to music while driving and it's obvious that music affects an individuals ability. On the day of the test we intend to ask drivers to bring a few cd's to the test and they will be marked on the selection and its influence on their driving. Certain groups will obviously result in losing marks and not to give anything away but a driver that selects The Go! Team won't be looked on favourably and indeed if played while doing a 3 point turn the candidate will immediately fail and the cd will be confiscated. I have it on good authority that selecting Fennesz will result in increased marks as the director is a big fan'.

DetritusTV is glad it passed its test although we'd probably get extra marks if we played the below vid


Thursday, November 20, 2008

There's Still Good Hop Week - Yo Majesty!

Mystical dreamweaving may have a future as DetritusTV celebrates its 100th post. Silver Medalist and McClow hope you stick around for another 100 where you might see the odd good vid coupled with some semi coherent ramblings.

Theres no better group we could use for this milestone post than Yo Majesty!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There's Still Good Hip Hop Week - MF DOOM

Madvilliany the album collaboration by masked rapper MF Doom and Madlib is recognised as one of hip hops essential records and rightly so. Doom's freestyling coupled with the infectious jazzy soundscape create a unique and unmistakable sound. A sequel to this album should be out soon but Madlib has enlisted another Doom namely Kool Keith's alter ego Dr Dooom.

MF Doom (sorry this Doom thing is getting confusing) has released his own album this year called OPERATION (you guessed it) DOOMSDAY. DetritusTV cant say anymore cause we used up our allocated blog quota of the word DOOM.

Heres MF **** with I hear voices:


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There's Still Good Hip Hop Week - The Cool Kids

The thing about hip hop is that it's an open secret that it has been on a consistent downward trajectory since its high water mark in around 1993. But you could say the same about me, so let's not rub it in. Just like me, hip hop remains capable of tossing up moments of unique and cheery splendour. Although the Cool Kids have a crappy name, and are always mentioned in the same breath as the Beastie Boys even though they sound nothing like them, their album was a cheeky, bass filled, low end firecracker, which even more remarkably has no skits, and comes in in super quick listening time, beating the current world record for a hip hop album by a staggering 42 minutes.

Silver Medalist

Monday, November 17, 2008

There's Still Good Hip Hop Week - Devin The Dude

DetritusTV could have focused this whole week on Texan HipHop such is the quantity an quality of music being produced there at the mo. Its signature style is really laid back, half speed beats and smart rhymes first pioneered by DJ Screw. Devin The Dude exemplifies the whole scene and makes some of the most easy listening relaxed hip hop since De La Soul. DetritusTV also knows where to bring its car if we ever break down.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

There's Still Good Hip Hop Week - Cadence Weapon

Hip Hop has had a difficult couple of years and really seems to have lost its way. The scene has been overshadowed by professional mumblers like 50 pence and his crew and its not hard to see theres trouble ahead when the self appointed ambassador for this genre is Tim Westwood. This man seems to live in some kind of hip hop fantasy land that has little to do with the music and is more about spinning hub caps etc.

But thankfully there's still loads of good hip hop. Anticon Records continue to release outstanding works like Alias's recent album Resurgam although its fair to say some of their staple like Buck 65 seemed to have migrated from the scene.

Artists like Atmosphere, Greenhouse Effect, Yo Majesty, The Cool Kids are keeping things interesting.

Heres a vid that DetritusTV really likes by Cadence Weapon:

And to celebrate our upcoming 100th post week heres somethin' fun that fans of Adam & Joe will like but fans of the new James Bond movie might not: Steven!!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Battles - Tonto

After DetritusTV's recent movie related rant we would like to appease this medium with an actual recommendation. The mumblecore classic Mutual Appreciation is a thoughtful meandering piece and has some great music but no math rock due to the protagonists dislike of the genre. So heres Battles with a really impressive vid directed bu UVA.


Friday, November 14, 2008

A Silver Mt. Zion - Stumble then rise on some awkward morning

You may be surprised to learn that Detritus TV doesn't spend all its time watching music videos and sometimes we venture into that place where huge TV like images are projected on a wall at a place called - the cinema. On a recent trip to this place we were enjoying a moving image show and were quietly lost in the story - until - until that is a house party scene bumbled into the story. In modern cinema house partys always appear like the last place any sentient creature would venture willingly. The music and calling what they use music is generous is invariably early 90's trash like 2 unlimited and in last nights film they played the whole of MARS - Pump up the Volume in a completely non ironic way. Detritus TV is at a loss to understand why when these moving image shows cost thousands to create they cant just play something vaguely engaging and pleasant. Heres a track that is unlikely to be played at any house party EVER and probably just as well.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

DJ Mujava - Township Funk

DetritusTV tends to shy away from its other more illustrious music video playin' contemporaries so we aren't sure if this vid is on heavy rotation or not and you've all seen it before a zillion times. Due to its instant likeability its a track that probably has and will teach DetritusTV to get up to date.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brightblack Morning Light - Everybody Daylight

Mystical dreamweaving is an arduous occupation which explains why Detritus TV has been a one man show of late. The stresses and strains of thrawling through cyberspace in search of gaudy video baubles that light up the great internet firmament can lead one to taking a sebatical to your parents house where they only have dial-up. Some day I'll tell my children about dial-up but only when the are old enough and steeled by numerous spirit-crushing life miletones. Even then i know they will look at me incredulously in the same way i looked at my old lad when told me he had to walk six miles to school in bare feet carrying a hod load of smaller silings. It's the circle of life innit?

Brightblack Morning Light have just released their fine third album, Motion to Rejoin which they recorded in a solar powered hut, according to the blurb. The blurb forgets to mention that they were also smoking lots of bifters and listening to late era Talk Talk, maybe because it's all too apparent when listening to this woozy number. The video here is taken from a german experimental film from 1968 called 'Weg zum Nachbarn', and it shows a lady having a ride of some sort. God bless the internet.

Silver Medalist

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

YMCK - Starlight

In all the myriad forms of electronic music the emergence and popularity of chiptunes is one that even HAL couldn't predict. It continues on its crunchy 8 bit march with ne'er a loading time in sight. This vid espouses the whole scene, they're Japanese, NES era artwork and simple soundcard beats.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Giorgio Moroder - Phil Oakley - Lali Puna

DetritusTV had a hard time tracking down vids this week, we'd have one it'd slip away or escape through an emergency exit. Thankfully a discovery was made and we think it makes up for the frugal offerings this week.

Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakley of the Human League recorded this track for some forgotten 80's movie called Electric Dreams. Its a great slice of synthpop and was covered by the always great Lali Puna. Their version was also used in a film, the truly weird Wong Kar Wai movie 2046 that was about - trains into the future -.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Napoleon The iiird - Hit Schmooze For Me

DetritusTV should have posted this vid last week as the costumes in it would have done some good Halloweenin'. Being a music blog of sorts we would like to tell you about Napoleon The iiird but you probably know more about them than we do so we wont comment except to say this is a really endearing vid and cool track.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brian Eno & David Byrne - Strange Overtones

DetritusTV doesn't know much about politics except its glad to see Joe the Plumber didn't get elected. This track by David Byrne and Brian Eno is one of the best things we've heard this year and we think the record its on is their first since Bush of Ghosts in 1981.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up For Halloween As Week - Tubeway Army

You may have no fireworks left except for a crappy roman candle and may be feeling sick from too many giant cola bottles buts theres time to dress up one for one last night. Todays idea is the easiest yet just wear black, adopt a faintly mechanistic drawl to your voice and ensure a slight robotic gait to your walk and you'll be one of the Tubeway Army.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up As Halloween As Week - Ganymed

When comes to identity hiding dance music regalia, Ganymed knock Daft Punk into a cocked hat. Just look at the artistry involved in the costumes on display here; the combined efforts of Jim Henson and Frank Oz working on some sort of Leaving Cert Honours Mask Making exam couldn't conjure up more outlandish creations. Add that to the mystery of the gyrating, gamine Fraulein and the band's eerie phallic noses; it all earmarks this vid as probably one of the best ever made, or at least up there with REM's Everybody Hurts anyways. The men rumoured to be behind the masks and also this classic italo-disco track were the front bench of the 1979 Fianna Fáil Irish government - taoiseach Jack Lynch on Bass, minister for fisheries Brian Lenihan on keys, minister for posts and telegraphs Padraig Faulkner on drums, and the evergreen Charles Haughey on lead guitar. Kids, listen up: You will get a shitload of sweets if you go 'trick or treating' dressed as these guys.

Silver Medalist

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up For Halloween As Week - Todd Rundgren

Its a hard task to follow up yesterdays vid which was arguably Detritus TV's best yet. To continue in the 70's theme todays costume inspiration comes from cosmic power pop legend Todd Rundgren. This costume will be a lot trickier to make than yesterdays and may involve killing a few wild animals such as owls and butterflys, but thats all in the Halloween spirit.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up For Halloween As Week - Dennis Parker

Dennis Parker lived a great life. He was a porn star, actor named Wade Nichols, then he released a disco album under the moniker Dennis Parker. Then he killed himself after he was diagnosed with AIDS. Okay so the ending is rough, but the story defo has the making of a Boogie Night's style biopic. All you need to do to create the Dennis Parker look this Halloween is sew an entire suit and pants together out of tinfoil and grow a moustache. I would also suggest perhaps, you go as a zombie Dennis Parker and practice your hip swaggering bragadoccio and robust sexual charisma for the remainder of the week. This vid is deadly for lots of reasons; Dennis's earnest performance, the eagle/city montage but primarily 'Next: ROBIN WILLIAMS 10:00 EDT'.

Silver Medalist

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going Deaf - Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons march triumphantly on after their appearance in Fuck Week to also appear in Going Deaf. Its not often Detritus TV gets genuinely excited about going to a gig but this is certainly the case with DEAF's closing party tonight. The line up is simply class with legends Model 500, recent Wire cover star Vladislav Delay of course Fuck Buttons and a plethora of other noise merchants.

See yah, enjoy ze bank holiday those who have one. Those who dont, tough.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Going DEAF- In association with George Lazenby - Trans AM

Wow I think the above is Detritus TV's most unwieldy title yet almost as stupidly convoluted as naming a film Quantum of Solace. There is a reason though, this DEAF missive is brought to you in association with George Lazenby. Not to be outdone by virtually every other product currently on the market that all seem to think instant buying will occur if Daniel Craig's mug appears in close proximity, Detritus TV have enlisted Mr Lazenby and are assured that impulsive and continuous blog viewing will result. George helpfully tuned us onto Trans AM and said hes a big fan of their guitary/electronic edged work and he will be paragliding into their show tonight.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going DEAF - Susanna

DetritusTV had forgotten Norway existed and was glad to recall things like Trondheim and fjords when reminded of this place by Susanna and the Magical Orchestra. In keeping with the theme of this years DEAF by not having exclusivly bone crunching techno also appearing will be Susanna and her Nordic chamber pop.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Going DEAF - Daedelus

DEAF has come a long way since it's notoriously shit closing party in the Guinness Storehouse the very first year when the whole thing was higeldy-pigeldly, punters were jackbooted about by cunty bouncers, the queue for the bar was shocking, and I couldn't get any pills. Since then it's been up, down, non-existent, asian themed (cue collective 'huh?' that year) and this time out, heroically superpowered which is a credit to everyone involved. Next year it'll probably be back to wojous again which is why everyone is so psyched about the 'something-for-everyone' musical beano this weekend. Expect techno trainspotters, indie drips, chin-stroking kiljoys, and a healthy smattering of clueless poseurs to mingle with a hearty contempt for each other in Dublin at DEAF this weekend. Deadelus released an incey amuse-bouche of an album this year (light, fun, not too filling) and he's playing in a breaks-y themed gig for DEAF with some other latchicos. He's gigging about the country this weekend too and i have it on good authority - his mam - that he puts on a great show. Say hello if you see him on a Bus Eireann bus travelling to any of the following locations - Limerick on sat, Galway on thursday, and Cork on Sunday.

Silver Medalist

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Approaching DEAF - Nurse With Wound

DEAF or Dublin Electronic Arts Festival is an annual event in Dublin thats been running the last few years. The line up this year is extensive to say the least and just mildly intimidating even for DetritusTV. In anticipation of DEAF we'll play a few vids by performers over the coming days so heres one act DetritusTV is looking forward to - Nurse With Wound. We would advise not to play this too late or possibly too early, midday might be ok.


Fuck Week Leftovers - Fucked Up

Detritus TV got sidetracked in Lahndahn last week and ended up shagging Sadie Frost while swinging on a trapeze. It proved a bit of a chore to be honest, and, shameully distracted this prized organ from bringing you the finest fuck themed bands. Fucked Up were on the cards all along so here they are. They are punk/diy stalwarts who sadly made the crucial mistake of writing good songs, thus shunning their original fan base and now they're forced to appear on MTV shows like this one and re-inforce their outsider status by smashing aeroboard ceiling tiles over their heads. They do still have an edge though - i got sent a promo of their album and it came with a free punch in the face. Effffed Up or wha?

Detritus TV's swear jar is now so crammed with coinage it could bailout any number of major financial institutions, so that's all the efffing and blinding for now.

Silver Medalist

Monday, October 20, 2008

Margot &The Nuclear So & So's - Quiet as a Mouse

Indie oblivion is a rapacious region, unmerciless in consigning those it targets to a forgotten place of 99 cent stickers and unwatched dvd bonus extras. Margot & The Nuclear So & So's should elude this place for a good while yet cause they've got anthemic indie pop and great animated vids.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Fuck Week - The Fucking Wraths

In an expletive filled week its my pleasure to end to week with The Fucking Wraths. These guys are pioneers in so many ways that its hard to know where to begin.

Apart from being in a dirge rock band they also front a big band orchestral group called the The Lonesome Clouds. The dichotomy between these two groups and their obvious dissimilarities causes each side project two expand as far as the genre will allow. If you check Lonesome Clouds videos you'll see the band dressed in 18th century regal wear dining in palatial surroundings but as The Fucking Wraths its longboarding through sewers in California.

Thank fuck this is the end of fuck week.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fuck Week - Holy Fuck

Detritus TV is still in London sipping on a pint of HSB special reserve ale in the Dog and Twitter pub when everyone twitters to each other using Twitter to tell each other which haircut to get while tossing porkpie hats onto pencil thin Agyness Deyn lookylikeys while doing lines of Shake n Vac and listening to the bassist's brother for Joe Lean and The Jing Jong Jang do a tropicalia dj set while peering through their lensless hornrim specs and calling Peaches Geldof a cunt. Pretty wild. Here's Holy Fuck who aren't really as good live as everyone says they are, but are good enough anyways.

Silver Medalist

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fuck Week - The Fucking Champs

Detritus TV sends this particular missive from London. We are looking at expanding our operation to branches in Claphat Common and Handstand Heath, both hot spots where the cognoscenti of cool gather to audition to be in the next Razorlight video or to fellate the singer. So in honour of give our branding a grade A global reacharound, the rest of the themed week will hitherto be refered to as Fack Week. You facking caaahhhnnnnnnts. So The Fucking Champs are a bunch of hirsute and not-so-hirsute nerdy riff monsters who play instru-metal combining facemelting fret wankery with super power chords in a feverish monolithic whirligig. I was chatting to them once and they seemed sound but i was acting like a tit and they didn't haul me up on it so that makes me wonder if they are really that sound after all. During our repartee Ian Serviniousiousiousous - the curly haired gadabout from Weird War - came over and tried to sell me some crack. Some of that story is kind of true, and some of it is merely embellished. The Fucking Champs don't do videos so this footage had to be secretly film by a guy at the side of the stage pretending to flick trough an old issue of Wire magazine, that actually contained a hidden camera. Beat that Bond!

Silver Medalist

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fuck Week - Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons are part of the nouvelle vague of bands with fuck in their moniker and they make a pulcritudinous, fiery, blancmange of ear smiting noise and melody. I saw them once and it's two lads bashing away on lots of equipment but facing each other like some sort of game of table-tennis you might see in The Lawnmower Man. Apparently a girl i know is going out with one of them, or was or something, but that could be a load of shite. There's something a bit trancey about this tune and it's probably the most immediately accessible on their record, which is a pretty visceral album of harmonious drone and clatter. This song spent six weeks at number 76 in the charts in one of the longest sustained periods of hit parade inertia ever recorded. Amazing!

Silver Medalist

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fuck Week - Fuck

There was a time when having fuck in your band title was viewed as commercial suicide, but nowadays it's practically manditory if you want to have any sort of longevity in the music business (the latest Louis Walsh sired boyband The Fuck Lozenges are a prefect example). But before all these new hep cats co-opted the incendiary f-word and tossed it about like rude, shouty confetti, there was a band from Californaia called Fuck who actually did give themselves the spicey moniker so as to have as little chance as possible at appearing in the hit parade. They gave a fuck about having Fuck as their name, and they will lead off this expecially vulgar week Detritus TV, home of regional weather reports and news on impending financial peril, with one of their lo-fi porch songs. Fucking thing doens't embed sadly though, so you have to click on the link, but it's worth it.

Silver Medalist

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slugs - Mthrfckr

Detritus TV is aware our Icelandic week was in the distant snowy past but theres a group we should have included and thats Slugs.

Yelping heavy rock played to a very captive audience and some of the scariest sideburns Detritus TV has ever seen. This vid has had a criminally low number of views so help change that.

Yah de de doh yeh de de doh


Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Chromatics - In the City

After a week of videos by bands that no one's bothered to listen to Detritus TV was becoming quite despondent.

And so we return with ears sharpley tuned and eyes wide open to a world where things are noticed and people pay attention, sometimes they sing your songs and even talk about you on the bus.......its music people bother to listen to.

One of those lucky groups is The Chromatics which is a suprise given that finding one of their records actually for sale in a store is next to impossible. I would certainly like to meet the Chromatics and I could then advise them quite sagely that if they want people to continue bothering listening to them one of the easiest ways is to have their record in a store.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - The Research

No-one bothered listening to The Research's great debut record of 2006 Breaking Up so it's a surprise that they've even gone to the trouble of releasing a second album which is out soon. In fact so conscious are the band that they are now trapped in a whirling misasma of faliure that the press release for their new album is a painful diatribe at all their non-fans. The boorish tone of it is quite at odds with the bittersweet, playful and delicate synth-pop billet-doux ditties the band creates. The press relase - scrawled on back of an empty packet of purple Nik Naks - simply reads:

"We are The Research and if you don't buy our new album we are going to kick your heads in, you bunch of cockbrokers.

Interviews available on request."

Here is a song from the band during happier times, when they were a twinkling shooting supernova in the indie-pop firmament.

Silver Medalist

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - Clinic

Detritus TV - I'm here with Brian of Clinic. Whats it like being in a band that no one's bothered listening to?

Brian - mumbel mgrumb munmd bgumh

Detritus TV - Sorry Brian you'll have to take off that surgical mask i cant hear you.

Brian - Yeah sorry. Oh its not too bad we have total artistic freedom and can do what we want

Detritus Tv - Yeah so its difficult yeah. But surely somebody must have listened to you when you were on tour with radiohead.

Brian - yeah with their backs to us and at the bar talking about how Amnesiac was an actual album.

Detritus TV - what was that Brian, just trying to figure this word on word scramble on brain training its - n s i o d t t i o r s

Brian - yeah its distortions - distotioooons yeah

Detritus TV - Yeah thats it and I have a brain age of ..... 65 - feck this Dr Kawashima he knows nout. Do you think people might bother listening to Clinic if surgical masks suddenly became cool to wear as unexpectedly as the keffiyeh

Brian - What! are you even listening to me!

Detritus TV - yeah yeah . 6 letter word Brian - g n i e r o

Brian exits

Anyway people should bother listening to Clinic as they're really something and maybe they might as they're playing in Dublin next month.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - Luna

If Luna had a rock family tree it would be a bonsai - small, ornate, manicured and lovely. Born out of the ashes of lo-fi-shoegaze (or loafergaze as i have coined the genre) dreampop chipmunks Galaxie 500, Dean Wareham took his former band's penchant for soundtracks to super-8-footage-of-ferris-wheels-and-somersaults-on-beaches and spruced it up a little, giving it a big screen swagger, while reaming true to their swooning indiepop sensibilites. Luna left a handful of polished records before impolding due to no one bothering to listen to them. Dean now tours and releases with his good lady wife under the moniker Dean and Britta, while former acquaintences Damon and Naomi from Galaxie 500, perform as Damon and Naomi. Why not all get together as Dean and Britta and Damon and Naomi you ask? Probably beacuse of some simmering feud over a missing packet of digestives on a Galaxie 500 tour bus in '89.

This song is taken from their near flawless record Bewitched. Here, Dean rhymes 'belly' with 'telly' in one of the great couplets of that afternoon.

Silver Medalist

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - Royal Trux

Detritus TV has been busy filling up their hype machine account with Scritti Politti after yesterday's revelation but will the same be said for the next of our unintended outcasts - Royal Trux. They're referenced in all the right places seem to have been around for an age but there seems to be an unconscious willful avoidance of them.

Maybe its due to having album covers like the above..... (sorry)

Apparently that album was deliberately awful and released simply to comply with the terms of a recording contract they were trying to get out off.

Detritus TV thinks this may be the beginning of their emergence into public consciousness or maybe not..


Monday, October 6, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to week - Scritti Politti

Welcome to a special celebratory week of bands you've never bothered listening to. It's a real bind being in a band that no one bothers listening to, so this is a testament to their endevours, their ability to alienate many, and their skill at not making people want to bother listening to them. Scritti Politti are definately a band that fall between many stools and end up not appealing to anyone. Green Gartside sings like a limpwristed Michael Jackson, and his sacherine sweet compositions, replete with gag-inducing synths and studio molested rhythms are possibly the most un 'now' sound you'll hear in the next fifteen minutes. But i still really really like their classic record Cupid & Psyche 85 probably because of all those same reasons. Here's a cheesy cut off that album. You'll probably think it's rubbish though. Monkey Island fans might recognise the opening calypso-y bars from some of the game's early scene with Guybrsh - I think Lucasarts ripped Green off to be honest.

Silver Medalist

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Teenage Fanclub - I don't want control of you

DetritusTV is wary of becoming some kind of weather blog but today should be mentioned. Those are pictures above from the inner city today! Maybe the summers just starting and to chime with this some pastoral pop is called for. One of the best summer records I think is Teenage Fanclub's - Songs from Northern Britain and heres a track of it.


Saturday, October 4, 2008


DetritusTV thinks we've had enough of this plinky-plonk Icelandic music, its time for some RAWK. And not just any kind we want the soundtrack to jumping of a cliff while sipping a rock shandy and flying into your hiace and then speeding off stylee. So listen up kids heres THE BLACK ANGELS.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't (mostly) Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Bjork

DetritusTV had a great week in the glacier watchtower (see picture of above) but sadly we're leaving today and headin' home. News is its freezin' in the green isles so we'll be proper acclimatised. For our final video of the week we just couldn't help it and have decided to play Bjork.

Theres a cool music festival in October in Rekyjavik which is running the last few years and is called airwaves see here -

eð honum er borin saftblanda eða mjólk

See ya


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Amiina

Tough night in the watchtower, the glacier seemed to be melting a bit so there was this persistent creaking or crunching noise as it crept down the hillside. At half six it was still early, but a walk along the beach would be good, a constitutional. Reached the sea and saw that the dawn was breaking over it, bluely, feebly, amidst torn clouds of rain. Got to thinking what video DetritusTV would play and thought why not Amiina. Here they are with a song that has a voice over by Lee Hazlewood which was his last recording. DetritusTV will be mostly hoping today that the glacier freezes up a bit.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Seabear

Detritus TV went on the tear in Siglufjordur last night. Was drinking mostly in the ferðamönnum bjóðast Pub which translates as The Hasty Herring. Great place, hi to everyone we met there. On the way back to the glacial watchtower took some photos (above see) and thought this place really is a tundric utopia.

Woke up this morning cold and hungover and found a note in my pocket. It read:

Der DetritusTV

We are good band from Iceland and are even on Morr Music. We know that standard for Detritus TV is soo high but we ask that you play our music song called I SING I SWIM.



SO here it is Seabear


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Music videos from Iceland that aren't Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Johan Johannsson

Got bored sitting in the glacial watchtower so headed in to Siglufjordur today. Not much goin' on here except a long queue outside the Glitnir bank in the main square. As this seemed to be the main social gathering I joined the queue and asked the concerned depositors if there was a song I could play on Detritus TV that would quell their fears. They said there was was no such song but that they would like to hear anyway Johan Johannsson. In fairness to this tense procession I think they picked the right song for today.


This song recommended also :

Monday, September 29, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Mum

Its rainin' its sunny, its rainin' heavy and then a wee bit sunny. Detritus TV cant stand this indecisive weather so we headed north from this isle and the first place we met was Iceland. The weather here is dependable, good old fashioned cold, all the time. We're staying in a place called Siglufjordur (and no its not a joke name)in a converted glacier watchtower. I was looking around today for music videos but all I could get from the locals were clips of penguins and Sigur Ros and Bjork. I told them thats no good we need new, exciting and different videos for Detritus TV so heres what they returned with. First up Mum.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Portishead - The Rip

Really pleased to see a video accompaniment for this song. Sometimes tracks appear on an album that are so good they hamper my appreciation for the rest of record, the reason being that I keep replaying that one song and that was certainly the case with the Rip and the Third album.



Friday, September 26, 2008

Juana Molina - Un Día

This is either the cheapest video ever produced or some home made job by an internet fan. Either way it's pretty terrible, but it still does nothing to sully the opening tune off Juana Molina's new album, which is brilliant, lush, folkish sonic jabberwocky. Molina used to regularly appear on an Argentinian sketch comedy show before making music, so she'd be the equivalent of say, Paul Tylak, who appeared in the terrible Irish sketch series Stew, if he went on to forge an interesting musical career beyond his terrible comedy stylings. Big if.

Silver Medalist

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bob Log III - Daddy Log's Drive-In

Bluesy swamp rock with songs titled "My shit is perfect" and "The Fastest Song in the World" played by a guy in a fighter pilot helmet - That'd be Bob Log III. I saw him last night and its a great show, a one man band, great tunes, coerced audience participation and attempts at drinking through the Daft Punk like visage. Some suitably blurry photos from last night above and video below. YEAH!!! as Mr Log would say.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fall - Reformation

We seem to play a lot of the Fall around here but that's not really a problem because they're great. I was out fishing today and it was fantastic - like an episode of Fishing with John but without the quips or the fish. My fishing buddy suggested i check out this vid which is, once again, a testament to the genius of Mark E Smith. Here he seems to be the owner/occupier of an establishment called Fall Motel. Imagine staying there? He'd keep coming into your room at different stages of the night, changing your air condition settings, fiddling with your alarm clock, and spouting doggerel. Book me in for a week. Oh and all band members seen here were fired during the shoot for dancing too nervously.

Silver Medalist

Electrelane - In Berlin

Of course quality music is the most important element for any band but there is also the matter of being cool. I think when a band has in the past actively attempted to nurture an image of cool its fair game to point out when any semblance of this rather nebulous concept has all but evaporated. Look at the above photo (a publicity shot for their very unwanted and needless new album) - that is Primal Scream a band who have no doubt traded on this cool concept. In this photo it is fair to say they look ridiculous, Mani in a cheap M&S suit, some guy in a German military outfit and a feckin' beret, two Mr Anonymous's dressed to confirm that description and Sideshow Bob's emo brother.

Heres the fallen Electrelane a band who will never end up looking like the above Scream.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Absentee - Bitchstealer

I saw an interview with Morissey a while back and he said that music videos are simply an unnecessary marketing tool that bear little if any relationship to the song. This may well be the case but sometimes a great synergy arises between the two and it just works as a whole. For proof of this check out this video by Absentee who remind me of a popier version of Scottish arch-miserabilists Arab Strap.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lytz- 3 days a week

There's something about animal costume videos that seems to always work, and they prob cost next to nothin to make. Heres a fine addition to the genre and its a great tune that should have us all ambling with a brisk step into the week ahead. Also added bonus photograph of one of the members of Detritus TV. Not sure if its an animal costume but it looks like some kind of creature in a soldier uniform. Suggestions as to what it is are welcome.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Honey Boy Martin - Dreader Than Dread

We at Detritus TV resiliently weathered the financial storm this week and thankfully didnt need a bailout by the US Federal Reserve unlike I'm sure many of our less stable rivals. To celebrate our existence its time for a song to capitalise on this positive sentiment and i'm sure it'll drive our share price even higher.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Beleagured Financiers Friday!

Hey city boys we know your world been tipped on it's arse, but it's the weekend so forget about you fiscal concerns and get fucked on champagne and hookers like you normally do. Just take the budget option - buy your shit in Lidl like everyone else. There's a world of choice there. And for the rest of the weekend just watch golf and Conan O'Brien on MSNBC, and don't worry about the markets until monday. Shur it's only imaginary money anyways. Here's little boots with a filthy tune. The video doesn't moove so you'll have to shake your head around the get it animated. And bonus! She's looking at you with those bedroom eyes. (ie. she's in her bedroom).

Silver Medalist.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Aphex Twin - Avril 14th

My second post this week for beleaguered financiers, who i think are an important demographic for Detritus TV and they probably need more songs like this. You've noticed the post is Aphex Twin, well fear not that is a bleep core riot instead its a plonky, quietly effective piano piece.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sally Shapiro - Jackie Jackie

Your one who sings in Sally Shapiro - let's call her 'Sally' for arguments sake - is so shy about letting her fairycake timbre out of her voice box that she will only record it if she is cowering in a studio on her own, hidden in a hermetically sealed burlap sack. It keeps in the freshness i guess, and also helps retain that angels-tickling-your-eardrum-with-a-featherduster sonic purity. But really, they'll never win the Eurovision with that attitude.

Silver Medalist

Rex The Dog - I can see you, Can you see me?

When you have a blog that has very few viewers one of the good things about it is that you can rant negatively about groups that most people like. Today is the turn of Soulwax. Soulwax seems to have been around for an increasingly annoying long length of time and because people keep waffling about them I have learned by osmosis a lot of unnecessary facts. They are from Belgium. They have a generic stodge rock indie band and they also DJ. Crikey! therein the genius lies they have a band and DJ! The reason I think i dislike them so much is because of a mix cd they released a few years ago that was everywhere and featured techno mixed with Dolly Parton etc. When music becomes like Carry On it is just wrong, ask Bentley Rhythm Ace. Nowadays they have fans that talk in hushed reverence of their greatness. For example I was at a Kraftwerk gig recently (Soulwax played also) and I met TWO people who said Soulwax were better. Everyone has a right to their opinion but sometimes.... they're wrong.


Heres a new video by Rex the Dog and I imagine it is something Soulwax would play in their DJ set but don't let that put you off.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Robert Wyatt - Sea Song

I often wondered what would be the perfect soundtrack for a global financial meltdown and I think I have the answer. Beleaguered financiers rejoice, listen to this Robert Wyatt song and pretend he's singing about the markets.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Panda Bear - Bros

The meaning of words change over time, it can happen. The latest word to cause vocabular (is that a word) puzzlement is AWARD. What i once understood an award to be was acknowledgment for doing something exceptional. This definition now seems rather quaint. Music awards are particularly insulting to the old definition. Consider the recent MTV awards who regurgitated all their awards to Britney. The Mercury Music Prize which to be honest was never really a bastion of greatness (I can even hardly bring myself to say their name but they once awarded ...Gomez) last week honoured lumpen stodge rockers elbow.

I see a pattern here, all you need to be awarded is to name your band using a completely boring 5 letter word. Mercury my new band is called LOUTH and I expect to be on the shortlist for next year NOW!!.

Heres a video by a band that should have won the Mercury, but thats going by the old definition.