Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enno Velthuys - Swamp

Er...Happy new year? Enno Velthuys is/was a Dutch ambient artist who released tapes in the early to mid-eighties. He is the son of author Max Velthuys. That's as much as I know. Where he's hiding now is anyone's guess. To his eternal credit he has left behind a mind melting collection of shamefully ignored music, swinging from delicate pieces of sonorous melancholia, to skittish incidental music for Lucasarts point-and- click adventures, to immersive subterranean synth grimbiance, such as this track Swamp. He strikes me as Eno's slacker, stoner mate who was cooking up his own brilliant brews but was too binned to get his shit together.

Silver Medalist