Thursday, October 30, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up As Halloween As Week - Ganymed

When comes to identity hiding dance music regalia, Ganymed knock Daft Punk into a cocked hat. Just look at the artistry involved in the costumes on display here; the combined efforts of Jim Henson and Frank Oz working on some sort of Leaving Cert Honours Mask Making exam couldn't conjure up more outlandish creations. Add that to the mystery of the gyrating, gamine Fraulein and the band's eerie phallic noses; it all earmarks this vid as probably one of the best ever made, or at least up there with REM's Everybody Hurts anyways. The men rumoured to be behind the masks and also this classic italo-disco track were the front bench of the 1979 Fianna Fáil Irish government - taoiseach Jack Lynch on Bass, minister for fisheries Brian Lenihan on keys, minister for posts and telegraphs Padraig Faulkner on drums, and the evergreen Charles Haughey on lead guitar. Kids, listen up: You will get a shitload of sweets if you go 'trick or treating' dressed as these guys.

Silver Medalist

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up For Halloween As Week - Todd Rundgren

Its a hard task to follow up yesterdays vid which was arguably Detritus TV's best yet. To continue in the 70's theme todays costume inspiration comes from cosmic power pop legend Todd Rundgren. This costume will be a lot trickier to make than yesterdays and may involve killing a few wild animals such as owls and butterflys, but thats all in the Halloween spirit.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up For Halloween As Week - Dennis Parker

Dennis Parker lived a great life. He was a porn star, actor named Wade Nichols, then he released a disco album under the moniker Dennis Parker. Then he killed himself after he was diagnosed with AIDS. Okay so the ending is rough, but the story defo has the making of a Boogie Night's style biopic. All you need to do to create the Dennis Parker look this Halloween is sew an entire suit and pants together out of tinfoil and grow a moustache. I would also suggest perhaps, you go as a zombie Dennis Parker and practice your hip swaggering bragadoccio and robust sexual charisma for the remainder of the week. This vid is deadly for lots of reasons; Dennis's earnest performance, the eagle/city montage but primarily 'Next: ROBIN WILLIAMS 10:00 EDT'.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going Deaf - Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons march triumphantly on after their appearance in Fuck Week to also appear in Going Deaf. Its not often Detritus TV gets genuinely excited about going to a gig but this is certainly the case with DEAF's closing party tonight. The line up is simply class with legends Model 500, recent Wire cover star Vladislav Delay of course Fuck Buttons and a plethora of other noise merchants.

See yah, enjoy ze bank holiday those who have one. Those who dont, tough.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Going DEAF- In association with George Lazenby - Trans AM

Wow I think the above is Detritus TV's most unwieldy title yet almost as stupidly convoluted as naming a film Quantum of Solace. There is a reason though, this DEAF missive is brought to you in association with George Lazenby. Not to be outdone by virtually every other product currently on the market that all seem to think instant buying will occur if Daniel Craig's mug appears in close proximity, Detritus TV have enlisted Mr Lazenby and are assured that impulsive and continuous blog viewing will result. George helpfully tuned us onto Trans AM and said hes a big fan of their guitary/electronic edged work and he will be paragliding into their show tonight.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going DEAF - Susanna

DetritusTV had forgotten Norway existed and was glad to recall things like Trondheim and fjords when reminded of this place by Susanna and the Magical Orchestra. In keeping with the theme of this years DEAF by not having exclusivly bone crunching techno also appearing will be Susanna and her Nordic chamber pop.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Going DEAF - Daedelus

DEAF has come a long way since it's notoriously shit closing party in the Guinness Storehouse the very first year when the whole thing was higeldy-pigeldly, punters were jackbooted about by cunty bouncers, the queue for the bar was shocking, and I couldn't get any pills. Since then it's been up, down, non-existent, asian themed (cue collective 'huh?' that year) and this time out, heroically superpowered which is a credit to everyone involved. Next year it'll probably be back to wojous again which is why everyone is so psyched about the 'something-for-everyone' musical beano this weekend. Expect techno trainspotters, indie drips, chin-stroking kiljoys, and a healthy smattering of clueless poseurs to mingle with a hearty contempt for each other in Dublin at DEAF this weekend. Deadelus released an incey amuse-bouche of an album this year (light, fun, not too filling) and he's playing in a breaks-y themed gig for DEAF with some other latchicos. He's gigging about the country this weekend too and i have it on good authority - his mam - that he puts on a great show. Say hello if you see him on a Bus Eireann bus travelling to any of the following locations - Limerick on sat, Galway on thursday, and Cork on Sunday.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Approaching DEAF - Nurse With Wound

DEAF or Dublin Electronic Arts Festival is an annual event in Dublin thats been running the last few years. The line up this year is extensive to say the least and just mildly intimidating even for DetritusTV. In anticipation of DEAF we'll play a few vids by performers over the coming days so heres one act DetritusTV is looking forward to - Nurse With Wound. We would advise not to play this too late or possibly too early, midday might be ok.


Fuck Week Leftovers - Fucked Up

Detritus TV got sidetracked in Lahndahn last week and ended up shagging Sadie Frost while swinging on a trapeze. It proved a bit of a chore to be honest, and, shameully distracted this prized organ from bringing you the finest fuck themed bands. Fucked Up were on the cards all along so here they are. They are punk/diy stalwarts who sadly made the crucial mistake of writing good songs, thus shunning their original fan base and now they're forced to appear on MTV shows like this one and re-inforce their outsider status by smashing aeroboard ceiling tiles over their heads. They do still have an edge though - i got sent a promo of their album and it came with a free punch in the face. Effffed Up or wha?

Detritus TV's swear jar is now so crammed with coinage it could bailout any number of major financial institutions, so that's all the efffing and blinding for now.

Silver Medalist

Monday, October 20, 2008

Margot &The Nuclear So & So's - Quiet as a Mouse

Indie oblivion is a rapacious region, unmerciless in consigning those it targets to a forgotten place of 99 cent stickers and unwatched dvd bonus extras. Margot & The Nuclear So & So's should elude this place for a good while yet cause they've got anthemic indie pop and great animated vids.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Fuck Week - The Fucking Wraths

In an expletive filled week its my pleasure to end to week with The Fucking Wraths. These guys are pioneers in so many ways that its hard to know where to begin.

Apart from being in a dirge rock band they also front a big band orchestral group called the The Lonesome Clouds. The dichotomy between these two groups and their obvious dissimilarities causes each side project two expand as far as the genre will allow. If you check Lonesome Clouds videos you'll see the band dressed in 18th century regal wear dining in palatial surroundings but as The Fucking Wraths its longboarding through sewers in California.

Thank fuck this is the end of fuck week.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fuck Week - Holy Fuck

Detritus TV is still in London sipping on a pint of HSB special reserve ale in the Dog and Twitter pub when everyone twitters to each other using Twitter to tell each other which haircut to get while tossing porkpie hats onto pencil thin Agyness Deyn lookylikeys while doing lines of Shake n Vac and listening to the bassist's brother for Joe Lean and The Jing Jong Jang do a tropicalia dj set while peering through their lensless hornrim specs and calling Peaches Geldof a cunt. Pretty wild. Here's Holy Fuck who aren't really as good live as everyone says they are, but are good enough anyways.

Silver Medalist

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fuck Week - The Fucking Champs

Detritus TV sends this particular missive from London. We are looking at expanding our operation to branches in Claphat Common and Handstand Heath, both hot spots where the cognoscenti of cool gather to audition to be in the next Razorlight video or to fellate the singer. So in honour of give our branding a grade A global reacharound, the rest of the themed week will hitherto be refered to as Fack Week. You facking caaahhhnnnnnnts. So The Fucking Champs are a bunch of hirsute and not-so-hirsute nerdy riff monsters who play instru-metal combining facemelting fret wankery with super power chords in a feverish monolithic whirligig. I was chatting to them once and they seemed sound but i was acting like a tit and they didn't haul me up on it so that makes me wonder if they are really that sound after all. During our repartee Ian Serviniousiousiousous - the curly haired gadabout from Weird War - came over and tried to sell me some crack. Some of that story is kind of true, and some of it is merely embellished. The Fucking Champs don't do videos so this footage had to be secretly film by a guy at the side of the stage pretending to flick trough an old issue of Wire magazine, that actually contained a hidden camera. Beat that Bond!

Silver Medalist

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fuck Week - Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons are part of the nouvelle vague of bands with fuck in their moniker and they make a pulcritudinous, fiery, blancmange of ear smiting noise and melody. I saw them once and it's two lads bashing away on lots of equipment but facing each other like some sort of game of table-tennis you might see in The Lawnmower Man. Apparently a girl i know is going out with one of them, or was or something, but that could be a load of shite. There's something a bit trancey about this tune and it's probably the most immediately accessible on their record, which is a pretty visceral album of harmonious drone and clatter. This song spent six weeks at number 76 in the charts in one of the longest sustained periods of hit parade inertia ever recorded. Amazing!

Silver Medalist

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fuck Week - Fuck

There was a time when having fuck in your band title was viewed as commercial suicide, but nowadays it's practically manditory if you want to have any sort of longevity in the music business (the latest Louis Walsh sired boyband The Fuck Lozenges are a prefect example). But before all these new hep cats co-opted the incendiary f-word and tossed it about like rude, shouty confetti, there was a band from Californaia called Fuck who actually did give themselves the spicey moniker so as to have as little chance as possible at appearing in the hit parade. They gave a fuck about having Fuck as their name, and they will lead off this expecially vulgar week Detritus TV, home of regional weather reports and news on impending financial peril, with one of their lo-fi porch songs. Fucking thing doens't embed sadly though, so you have to click on the link, but it's worth it.

Silver Medalist

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slugs - Mthrfckr

Detritus TV is aware our Icelandic week was in the distant snowy past but theres a group we should have included and thats Slugs.

Yelping heavy rock played to a very captive audience and some of the scariest sideburns Detritus TV has ever seen. This vid has had a criminally low number of views so help change that.

Yah de de doh yeh de de doh


Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Chromatics - In the City

After a week of videos by bands that no one's bothered to listen to Detritus TV was becoming quite despondent.

And so we return with ears sharpley tuned and eyes wide open to a world where things are noticed and people pay attention, sometimes they sing your songs and even talk about you on the bus.......its music people bother to listen to.

One of those lucky groups is The Chromatics which is a suprise given that finding one of their records actually for sale in a store is next to impossible. I would certainly like to meet the Chromatics and I could then advise them quite sagely that if they want people to continue bothering listening to them one of the easiest ways is to have their record in a store.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - The Research

No-one bothered listening to The Research's great debut record of 2006 Breaking Up so it's a surprise that they've even gone to the trouble of releasing a second album which is out soon. In fact so conscious are the band that they are now trapped in a whirling misasma of faliure that the press release for their new album is a painful diatribe at all their non-fans. The boorish tone of it is quite at odds with the bittersweet, playful and delicate synth-pop billet-doux ditties the band creates. The press relase - scrawled on back of an empty packet of purple Nik Naks - simply reads:

"We are The Research and if you don't buy our new album we are going to kick your heads in, you bunch of cockbrokers.

Interviews available on request."

Here is a song from the band during happier times, when they were a twinkling shooting supernova in the indie-pop firmament.

Silver Medalist

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - Clinic

Detritus TV - I'm here with Brian of Clinic. Whats it like being in a band that no one's bothered listening to?

Brian - mumbel mgrumb munmd bgumh

Detritus TV - Sorry Brian you'll have to take off that surgical mask i cant hear you.

Brian - Yeah sorry. Oh its not too bad we have total artistic freedom and can do what we want

Detritus Tv - Yeah so its difficult yeah. But surely somebody must have listened to you when you were on tour with radiohead.

Brian - yeah with their backs to us and at the bar talking about how Amnesiac was an actual album.

Detritus TV - what was that Brian, just trying to figure this word on word scramble on brain training its - n s i o d t t i o r s

Brian - yeah its distortions - distotioooons yeah

Detritus TV - Yeah thats it and I have a brain age of ..... 65 - feck this Dr Kawashima he knows nout. Do you think people might bother listening to Clinic if surgical masks suddenly became cool to wear as unexpectedly as the keffiyeh

Brian - What! are you even listening to me!

Detritus TV - yeah yeah . 6 letter word Brian - g n i e r o

Brian exits

Anyway people should bother listening to Clinic as they're really something and maybe they might as they're playing in Dublin next month.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - Luna

If Luna had a rock family tree it would be a bonsai - small, ornate, manicured and lovely. Born out of the ashes of lo-fi-shoegaze (or loafergaze as i have coined the genre) dreampop chipmunks Galaxie 500, Dean Wareham took his former band's penchant for soundtracks to super-8-footage-of-ferris-wheels-and-somersaults-on-beaches and spruced it up a little, giving it a big screen swagger, while reaming true to their swooning indiepop sensibilites. Luna left a handful of polished records before impolding due to no one bothering to listen to them. Dean now tours and releases with his good lady wife under the moniker Dean and Britta, while former acquaintences Damon and Naomi from Galaxie 500, perform as Damon and Naomi. Why not all get together as Dean and Britta and Damon and Naomi you ask? Probably beacuse of some simmering feud over a missing packet of digestives on a Galaxie 500 tour bus in '89.

This song is taken from their near flawless record Bewitched. Here, Dean rhymes 'belly' with 'telly' in one of the great couplets of that afternoon.

Silver Medalist

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - Royal Trux

Detritus TV has been busy filling up their hype machine account with Scritti Politti after yesterday's revelation but will the same be said for the next of our unintended outcasts - Royal Trux. They're referenced in all the right places seem to have been around for an age but there seems to be an unconscious willful avoidance of them.

Maybe its due to having album covers like the above..... (sorry)

Apparently that album was deliberately awful and released simply to comply with the terms of a recording contract they were trying to get out off.

Detritus TV thinks this may be the beginning of their emergence into public consciousness or maybe not..


Monday, October 6, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to week - Scritti Politti

Welcome to a special celebratory week of bands you've never bothered listening to. It's a real bind being in a band that no one bothers listening to, so this is a testament to their endevours, their ability to alienate many, and their skill at not making people want to bother listening to them. Scritti Politti are definately a band that fall between many stools and end up not appealing to anyone. Green Gartside sings like a limpwristed Michael Jackson, and his sacherine sweet compositions, replete with gag-inducing synths and studio molested rhythms are possibly the most un 'now' sound you'll hear in the next fifteen minutes. But i still really really like their classic record Cupid & Psyche 85 probably because of all those same reasons. Here's a cheesy cut off that album. You'll probably think it's rubbish though. Monkey Island fans might recognise the opening calypso-y bars from some of the game's early scene with Guybrsh - I think Lucasarts ripped Green off to be honest.

Silver Medalist

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Teenage Fanclub - I don't want control of you

DetritusTV is wary of becoming some kind of weather blog but today should be mentioned. Those are pictures above from the inner city today! Maybe the summers just starting and to chime with this some pastoral pop is called for. One of the best summer records I think is Teenage Fanclub's - Songs from Northern Britain and heres a track of it.


Saturday, October 4, 2008


DetritusTV thinks we've had enough of this plinky-plonk Icelandic music, its time for some RAWK. And not just any kind we want the soundtrack to jumping of a cliff while sipping a rock shandy and flying into your hiace and then speeding off stylee. So listen up kids heres THE BLACK ANGELS.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't (mostly) Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Bjork

DetritusTV had a great week in the glacier watchtower (see picture of above) but sadly we're leaving today and headin' home. News is its freezin' in the green isles so we'll be proper acclimatised. For our final video of the week we just couldn't help it and have decided to play Bjork.

Theres a cool music festival in October in Rekyjavik which is running the last few years and is called airwaves see here -

eð honum er borin saftblanda eða mjólk

See ya


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Amiina

Tough night in the watchtower, the glacier seemed to be melting a bit so there was this persistent creaking or crunching noise as it crept down the hillside. At half six it was still early, but a walk along the beach would be good, a constitutional. Reached the sea and saw that the dawn was breaking over it, bluely, feebly, amidst torn clouds of rain. Got to thinking what video DetritusTV would play and thought why not Amiina. Here they are with a song that has a voice over by Lee Hazlewood which was his last recording. DetritusTV will be mostly hoping today that the glacier freezes up a bit.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Seabear

Detritus TV went on the tear in Siglufjordur last night. Was drinking mostly in the ferðamönnum bjóðast Pub which translates as The Hasty Herring. Great place, hi to everyone we met there. On the way back to the glacial watchtower took some photos (above see) and thought this place really is a tundric utopia.

Woke up this morning cold and hungover and found a note in my pocket. It read:

Der DetritusTV

We are good band from Iceland and are even on Morr Music. We know that standard for Detritus TV is soo high but we ask that you play our music song called I SING I SWIM.



SO here it is Seabear