Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - Clinic

Detritus TV - I'm here with Brian of Clinic. Whats it like being in a band that no one's bothered listening to?

Brian - mumbel mgrumb munmd bgumh

Detritus TV - Sorry Brian you'll have to take off that surgical mask i cant hear you.

Brian - Yeah sorry. Oh its not too bad we have total artistic freedom and can do what we want

Detritus Tv - Yeah so its difficult yeah. But surely somebody must have listened to you when you were on tour with radiohead.

Brian - yeah with their backs to us and at the bar talking about how Amnesiac was an actual album.

Detritus TV - what was that Brian, just trying to figure this word on word scramble on brain training its - n s i o d t t i o r s

Brian - yeah its distortions - distotioooons yeah

Detritus TV - Yeah thats it and I have a brain age of ..... 65 - feck this Dr Kawashima he knows nout. Do you think people might bother listening to Clinic if surgical masks suddenly became cool to wear as unexpectedly as the keffiyeh

Brian - What! are you even listening to me!

Detritus TV - yeah yeah . 6 letter word Brian - g n i e r o

Brian exits

Anyway people should bother listening to Clinic as they're really something and maybe they might as they're playing in Dublin next month.


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