Friday, October 10, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - The Research

No-one bothered listening to The Research's great debut record of 2006 Breaking Up so it's a surprise that they've even gone to the trouble of releasing a second album which is out soon. In fact so conscious are the band that they are now trapped in a whirling misasma of faliure that the press release for their new album is a painful diatribe at all their non-fans. The boorish tone of it is quite at odds with the bittersweet, playful and delicate synth-pop billet-doux ditties the band creates. The press relase - scrawled on back of an empty packet of purple Nik Naks - simply reads:

"We are The Research and if you don't buy our new album we are going to kick your heads in, you bunch of cockbrokers.

Interviews available on request."

Here is a song from the band during happier times, when they were a twinkling shooting supernova in the indie-pop firmament.

Silver Medalist

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