Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fuck Week Leftovers - Fucked Up

Detritus TV got sidetracked in Lahndahn last week and ended up shagging Sadie Frost while swinging on a trapeze. It proved a bit of a chore to be honest, and, shameully distracted this prized organ from bringing you the finest fuck themed bands. Fucked Up were on the cards all along so here they are. They are punk/diy stalwarts who sadly made the crucial mistake of writing good songs, thus shunning their original fan base and now they're forced to appear on MTV shows like this one and re-inforce their outsider status by smashing aeroboard ceiling tiles over their heads. They do still have an edge though - i got sent a promo of their album and it came with a free punch in the face. Effffed Up or wha?

Detritus TV's swear jar is now so crammed with coinage it could bailout any number of major financial institutions, so that's all the efffing and blinding for now.

Silver Medalist

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