Monday, October 13, 2008

Fuck Week - Fuck

There was a time when having fuck in your band title was viewed as commercial suicide, but nowadays it's practically manditory if you want to have any sort of longevity in the music business (the latest Louis Walsh sired boyband The Fuck Lozenges are a prefect example). But before all these new hep cats co-opted the incendiary f-word and tossed it about like rude, shouty confetti, there was a band from Californaia called Fuck who actually did give themselves the spicey moniker so as to have as little chance as possible at appearing in the hit parade. They gave a fuck about having Fuck as their name, and they will lead off this expecially vulgar week Detritus TV, home of regional weather reports and news on impending financial peril, with one of their lo-fi porch songs. Fucking thing doens't embed sadly though, so you have to click on the link, but it's worth it.

Silver Medalist

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