Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to Week - Luna

If Luna had a rock family tree it would be a bonsai - small, ornate, manicured and lovely. Born out of the ashes of lo-fi-shoegaze (or loafergaze as i have coined the genre) dreampop chipmunks Galaxie 500, Dean Wareham took his former band's penchant for soundtracks to super-8-footage-of-ferris-wheels-and-somersaults-on-beaches and spruced it up a little, giving it a big screen swagger, while reaming true to their swooning indiepop sensibilites. Luna left a handful of polished records before impolding due to no one bothering to listen to them. Dean now tours and releases with his good lady wife under the moniker Dean and Britta, while former acquaintences Damon and Naomi from Galaxie 500, perform as Damon and Naomi. Why not all get together as Dean and Britta and Damon and Naomi you ask? Probably beacuse of some simmering feud over a missing packet of digestives on a Galaxie 500 tour bus in '89.

This song is taken from their near flawless record Bewitched. Here, Dean rhymes 'belly' with 'telly' in one of the great couplets of that afternoon.

Silver Medalist

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