Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Going DEAF - Daedelus

DEAF has come a long way since it's notoriously shit closing party in the Guinness Storehouse the very first year when the whole thing was higeldy-pigeldly, punters were jackbooted about by cunty bouncers, the queue for the bar was shocking, and I couldn't get any pills. Since then it's been up, down, non-existent, asian themed (cue collective 'huh?' that year) and this time out, heroically superpowered which is a credit to everyone involved. Next year it'll probably be back to wojous again which is why everyone is so psyched about the 'something-for-everyone' musical beano this weekend. Expect techno trainspotters, indie drips, chin-stroking kiljoys, and a healthy smattering of clueless poseurs to mingle with a hearty contempt for each other in Dublin at DEAF this weekend. Deadelus released an incey amuse-bouche of an album this year (light, fun, not too filling) and he's playing in a breaks-y themed gig for DEAF with some other latchicos. He's gigging about the country this weekend too and i have it on good authority - his mam - that he puts on a great show. Say hello if you see him on a Bus Eireann bus travelling to any of the following locations - Limerick on sat, Galway on thursday, and Cork on Sunday.

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