Monday, October 6, 2008

Bands you've never bothered listening to week - Scritti Politti

Welcome to a special celebratory week of bands you've never bothered listening to. It's a real bind being in a band that no one bothers listening to, so this is a testament to their endevours, their ability to alienate many, and their skill at not making people want to bother listening to them. Scritti Politti are definately a band that fall between many stools and end up not appealing to anyone. Green Gartside sings like a limpwristed Michael Jackson, and his sacherine sweet compositions, replete with gag-inducing synths and studio molested rhythms are possibly the most un 'now' sound you'll hear in the next fifteen minutes. But i still really really like their classic record Cupid & Psyche 85 probably because of all those same reasons. Here's a cheesy cut off that album. You'll probably think it's rubbish though. Monkey Island fans might recognise the opening calypso-y bars from some of the game's early scene with Guybrsh - I think Lucasarts ripped Green off to be honest.

Silver Medalist


Anonymous said...

If you think that defines Scritti, you're so wrong. 30 years making music, last album nominated for the Mercury awards, and extraordinary stuff like this in their back catalogue:

Anonymous said...

Blogger: You clearly don't know what you're writing about. Do some research, eh?