Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Seabear

Detritus TV went on the tear in Siglufjordur last night. Was drinking mostly in the ferðamönnum bjóðast Pub which translates as The Hasty Herring. Great place, hi to everyone we met there. On the way back to the glacial watchtower took some photos (above see) and thought this place really is a tundric utopia.

Woke up this morning cold and hungover and found a note in my pocket. It read:

Der DetritusTV

We are good band from Iceland and are even on Morr Music. We know that standard for Detritus TV is soo high but we ask that you play our music song called I SING I SWIM.



SO here it is Seabear


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