Thursday, October 30, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up As Halloween As Week - Ganymed

When comes to identity hiding dance music regalia, Ganymed knock Daft Punk into a cocked hat. Just look at the artistry involved in the costumes on display here; the combined efforts of Jim Henson and Frank Oz working on some sort of Leaving Cert Honours Mask Making exam couldn't conjure up more outlandish creations. Add that to the mystery of the gyrating, gamine Fraulein and the band's eerie phallic noses; it all earmarks this vid as probably one of the best ever made, or at least up there with REM's Everybody Hurts anyways. The men rumoured to be behind the masks and also this classic italo-disco track were the front bench of the 1979 Fianna Fáil Irish government - taoiseach Jack Lynch on Bass, minister for fisheries Brian Lenihan on keys, minister for posts and telegraphs Padraig Faulkner on drums, and the evergreen Charles Haughey on lead guitar. Kids, listen up: You will get a shitload of sweets if you go 'trick or treating' dressed as these guys.

Silver Medalist

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