Tuesday, October 28, 2008

People Who You Should Dress Up For Halloween As Week - Dennis Parker

Dennis Parker lived a great life. He was a porn star, actor named Wade Nichols, then he released a disco album under the moniker Dennis Parker. Then he killed himself after he was diagnosed with AIDS. Okay so the ending is rough, but the story defo has the making of a Boogie Night's style biopic. All you need to do to create the Dennis Parker look this Halloween is sew an entire suit and pants together out of tinfoil and grow a moustache. I would also suggest perhaps, you go as a zombie Dennis Parker and practice your hip swaggering bragadoccio and robust sexual charisma for the remainder of the week. This vid is deadly for lots of reasons; Dennis's earnest performance, the eagle/city montage but primarily 'Next: ROBIN WILLIAMS 10:00 EDT'.

Silver Medalist

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