Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music Videos from Iceland that aren't Sigur Ros or Bjork Week - Amiina

Tough night in the watchtower, the glacier seemed to be melting a bit so there was this persistent creaking or crunching noise as it crept down the hillside. At half six it was still early, but a walk along the beach would be good, a constitutional. Reached the sea and saw that the dawn was breaking over it, bluely, feebly, amidst torn clouds of rain. Got to thinking what video DetritusTV would play and thought why not Amiina. Here they are with a song that has a voice over by Lee Hazlewood which was his last recording. DetritusTV will be mostly hoping today that the glacier freezes up a bit.


1 comment:

CiarĂ¡n Ryan said...

ah sure they might as well be Sigur Ros lads. they play with them, and I think one of them is riding one of the SR lads? Or that could be horseshit. Either way, it's not yer man the singer...huh huh