Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wavves - So Bored

Some lo-fi noise pop for Tuesday. Yes on a Tuesday, what day would you suggest.

DetritusTV Viewer: Thursday

DetritusTV: Thursday, Thursday! Get Real.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rone - Spanish Breakfast

The longest day of the year and DetritusTV hoped to commermorate this with the longest music video ever created but didn't in the end.


Rone - Spanish Breakfast from InFine Music on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sonar 2009 - Orbital

Maybe some greeted the reformed Orbital with a sense of grim inevitability but there's no doubt that they've earned their place in the electonica pantheon. DetritusTV remembers watching this vid many years ago on daytime tv and wondering why it didn't sound anything like Oasis.


and Dr Who, why not!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sonar 2009 - Atom TM

In an unintended connection with the last post another artist that feels his name should be appendexed with a TM appears. Instead of Schneider we have Atom TM.

So here is the ATOM TM that we speak of in video......


Schneider TM - The Light 3000

DetritusTV has a car at the mo which is no great odds, however two passengers in this car have noted that the electronic sound that indicates an open door sounds like the beginning of a Schneider TM song. I think the song they refer to is his cover of The Smiths song There is a light that never goes out.

Maybe so - so here's the track to commemorate this great vehicle/electronica convergence.


Amerie - 1 Thing

Music commentators more intelligible than DetritusTV (did we even spell intelligible rite) often say that with such and such track you can't help dancing. DetritusTV knows only one track where this statement is F.A.C.T. and that's Amerie's - 1 Thing. Check it out and see that DetritusTV is rite yet again.


Sonar 2009 - Fever Ray

If DetritusTV were at Sonar we would defo go to see Fever Ray so long as they were palyin' durin the day. We have reservations about ever again attending the cavernous air hanger night time event - DetritusTV is gettin old you know.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sonar 2009 - Leila

Sonar is this week end in Barcelona and DetritusTV has decided to watch youtube clips of it this year instead of attending. Turn off the lights, turn the volume on this vid up, get some budweiser beers in plastic cups, turn up the heating and you to can transport yourself there.

Heres Leila from last year.


Little Boots - New in Town

DetritusTV is back - reasons not here - have you not seen spotify?.

But we return and with Little Boots who made an appearance here last year with a non motion video. Little Boots returns with motion and chart placings and we do like her disco pop Laurie Anderson sounds.