Sunday, November 16, 2008

There's Still Good Hip Hop Week - Cadence Weapon

Hip Hop has had a difficult couple of years and really seems to have lost its way. The scene has been overshadowed by professional mumblers like 50 pence and his crew and its not hard to see theres trouble ahead when the self appointed ambassador for this genre is Tim Westwood. This man seems to live in some kind of hip hop fantasy land that has little to do with the music and is more about spinning hub caps etc.

But thankfully there's still loads of good hip hop. Anticon Records continue to release outstanding works like Alias's recent album Resurgam although its fair to say some of their staple like Buck 65 seemed to have migrated from the scene.

Artists like Atmosphere, Greenhouse Effect, Yo Majesty, The Cool Kids are keeping things interesting.

Heres a vid that DetritusTV really likes by Cadence Weapon:

And to celebrate our upcoming 100th post week heres somethin' fun that fans of Adam & Joe will like but fans of the new James Bond movie might not: Steven!!


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