Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alan Braxe and Fred Falke - Rubicon

Anyone interested in driving and music should read this article from the Wexford Warbler. It quotes:

" Music to be part of new driving test
The driving tester Institute have recommended that a music section should form part of the soon to be updated driving test. A source from the Institute stated: 'up to 90% of drivers listen to music while driving and it's obvious that music affects an individuals ability. On the day of the test we intend to ask drivers to bring a few cd's to the test and they will be marked on the selection and its influence on their driving. Certain groups will obviously result in losing marks and not to give anything away but a driver that selects The Go! Team won't be looked on favourably and indeed if played while doing a 3 point turn the candidate will immediately fail and the cd will be confiscated. I have it on good authority that selecting Fennesz will result in increased marks as the director is a big fan'.

DetritusTV is glad it passed its test although we'd probably get extra marks if we played the below vid


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