Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brightblack Morning Light - Everybody Daylight

Mystical dreamweaving is an arduous occupation which explains why Detritus TV has been a one man show of late. The stresses and strains of thrawling through cyberspace in search of gaudy video baubles that light up the great internet firmament can lead one to taking a sebatical to your parents house where they only have dial-up. Some day I'll tell my children about dial-up but only when the are old enough and steeled by numerous spirit-crushing life miletones. Even then i know they will look at me incredulously in the same way i looked at my old lad when told me he had to walk six miles to school in bare feet carrying a hod load of smaller silings. It's the circle of life innit?

Brightblack Morning Light have just released their fine third album, Motion to Rejoin which they recorded in a solar powered hut, according to the blurb. The blurb forgets to mention that they were also smoking lots of bifters and listening to late era Talk Talk, maybe because it's all too apparent when listening to this woozy number. The video here is taken from a german experimental film from 1968 called 'Weg zum Nachbarn', and it shows a lady having a ride of some sort. God bless the internet.

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