Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deerhoof - The Perfect Me

Anyone interested in education and music should check out the following article from this month's issue of THE TEACHER'S TIRADE:

"New Musical Education - Music to form part of admittance procedure
A leading college lecturers union has indicated that they are pressing for music to form part of the admittance criteria for college courses and not just those applying for music related courses but ALL applicants!!!. One teaching insider stated "We estimate that up to 90% of potential students listen to music and their interests here reflect their educational abilities. We will ask applicants to fill out a simple questionnaire and not to give anything away but if for instance a band like The Kooks or Mark Ronson was mentioned then we would look unfavourably on that student. If the name Newton Faulkner should appear anywhere on the form we would reject that application and advise the student that they can never apply again. If, however they indicated a preference for San Franciscan pop-bending art-rock like Deerhoof then we would admit that student automatically regardless of grades".

DetritusTV is glad we're finished with college but we'd say we'd get good marks if we played the following track.


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