Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Benoit Pioulard - Idyll

If you're interested in banking and music you should check out the following article from this month's BANKING BALONEY:

"Music to form part of Application Procedure

Sources have revealed that banking institutes are introducing a novel way to pre-empt any future crash and this will involve music. Future banking applicants will be vetted on their music listening habits. One insider stated "It's estimated up to 90% of our customers listen to music regularly and this obviously has an impact on their daily lives and how they conduct their finances. We intend to introduce a system whereby all future customers will be questioned on their music listening and this will determine their future with the bank. For instance and this isn't giving anything away but if a customer states they listen to MGMT this may result in the rejection of any overdraft facilities and if they admitted to a liking of CSS then we wouldn't process their application and would ask that individual to leave the premises. If you stated your favourite artist was Masha Qrella then we'd offer increased loan facilities as we'd know you had some sense.".

DetritusTV is glad we have a bank account already but I'm sure we'd get a good deal if played them the following track.


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