Monday, December 22, 2008

Silver Medalist's Top Three Vids of the Year (as selected by McCLow)

In a blatant attempt to use best of lists to cover even more posts McClow and Silver Medalist have decided to select the best vids of the year as selected by each other.

In terms of Silver Medalist I would rate his top three as:

1. Denis Parker - Like an Eagle

This was the runaway winner, a vid so completely of its time, the woozy camera
panning, eagles flying around cities to the sound of a way over the top disco
tune. And don't miss Robin Williams hes on at 10.00EDT.

2. Sama Amidon - Saro

Quality track by a s*****/s**********.

2. Fucked Up - We Hate ****ing Roofs

Best vid of Fuck Week, a ******* great vid


And heres the winning vid

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