Friday, December 26, 2008

Most Annoying Words/Letters/Phrases of 2008

1. Elbow - One day when you hear the word elbow you will only think of its anatomical meaning and the image of any plod rock band will have long since evaporated. That will be a fine day indeed, yes sir. For the past year, you may have noticed that every mention of this group is prefaced with "after years of hard graft/work when no one was really bothered this is finally their year" Well to start we're talking about musicians not someone drilling oil in the North Sea, no one cares about their so-called hard graft. And the reason that no one listened until now is that they're one of the most severely dull groups ever to shuffle onto the moth eaten behemoth that is the British indie rock scene.

2. Credit Crunch - a particular downer for all and a shame that the most used phrase
of 2008 if it were anthropomorphised would I imagine be an uppity, irksome little f***.

3. Mgmt - Simply the most annoying collection of letters used this year. In an interview I read these bandana'd goons said that the name was mysterious. Tell you what the name SUN O))) conjures up some element of mystery the name mgmt reminds DetritusTV of waiting on a Monday morning wallowing in the mundane outside a middle managers office to report why we're ten minutes late for work.

4. Quantum of Solace - Or Question of Sport as it should be known. You really wonder why? Not that DetritusTV would watch to find out.


For 2009 DetritusTV will eschew the contemporary and tips one of the most pleasing collection of words to be the Incredible String Band.

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