Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sun Kil Moon - Unlit Hallway

Biff, bang, wallop. Detritus TV got up early this morning to watch some boxing. Such a noble art, seeing two finely tuned pugelists going at it toe to toe. I'd use the term 'balletic' but it's been put out to pasture long ago after being overused when describing action sequences in John Woo movies. My most favourite boxing themed band name of recent times is Sun Kil Moon, the project of Red House Painters frontman Mark Kozelek. Kozelek has one of those names that I never bothered to read entirely and just said 'Mark Kozowozzo' in my head any time he popped up. But now thanks to his Sun Kil Moon project and their imperious, sprawling album April, I've taken the time to learn his name properly. The next step is to say it aloud in public, which is a bit more daunting. Trufax - Kozelek took the name for his offshot from the Korean boxer Sung-Kil Moon, who won the 1986 World Amateur Championship for Bantamweight in Reno, and went on to hold two world titles in Bantamweight and Super-Flyweight.

This video for Unlit Hallway perfectly captures the atmosphere of an unlit hallway by showing absolutely nothing at all.

Silver Medalist

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