Thursday, December 4, 2008

Morrissey - Roy's Keen

We're always adroitly poised to comment on the latest epoch defining real world events here on Detritus TV and there's no bigger current palaver than the departure of Roy Keane from his position of Grand Poobah of football at Sunderland. *Insert joke about him having to walk his dog Triggs here*. Roy has always been an enigma wrapped in a knitted brow and his latest bout of instrospection and subsequent re-appraisal of his managerial qualities are typical of a mad who has notoriously exacting standards. Imagine making the bastard a fry up? "Era, the egg's slightly too runny, the bacon is not crispy enough, the tea has too much sugar, take that you cunt, shove your fry up your bollix." I wouldn't say he'd be too fond of this watery Morrissey number taken from Mozza's late nineties period of him being generally ignored for not being enough like oasis or blur. Nice pun though, and for today it's a winner. Note the clapalong Top of the Pops pondlife going - "who's this perfumed ponce?"

Silver Medalist

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