Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Electrelane - In Berlin

Of course quality music is the most important element for any band but there is also the matter of being cool. I think when a band has in the past actively attempted to nurture an image of cool its fair game to point out when any semblance of this rather nebulous concept has all but evaporated. Look at the above photo (a publicity shot for their very unwanted and needless new album) - that is Primal Scream a band who have no doubt traded on this cool concept. In this photo it is fair to say they look ridiculous, Mani in a cheap M&S suit, some guy in a German military outfit and a feckin' beret, two Mr Anonymous's dressed to confirm that description and Sideshow Bob's emo brother.

Heres the fallen Electrelane a band who will never end up looking like the above Scream.


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