Tuesday, September 9, 2008

THE FALL - Mr Pharmacist

Mark E Smith: DETRITUS TV How are you doin'

Detritus TV: Not so good, tryin' to find backwards videos but cant find any only that feckin' coldplay one and i cant play that or no one will watch us again

Mark E Smith: Forget about backwards videos, they'll get you nowhere

Detritus TV: But what will i do

Mark E Smith: Come and see The Fall, were playing in Dublin tonight

Detritus TV: Brilliant!

Mark E Smith: But one condition you must play one of my videos

Detritus TV: A Fall video or one with those Mouse lads?

Mark E Smith: Play Mr Pharmacist and I want to be an honorary dreamweaver

Detritus TV: No Probs, Mr Smith you are a genius!


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