Thursday, September 4, 2008

Krautweek - Kling Klang

Pardon me people but i got a little sidetracked and found myself listening to Sally Shapiro in the middle of Krautweek, a heinous crime punishable in olden times by long distance catapulting into the centre of the Black Forest. It was a bit of a classic Old Europe tussle between the sensuous syths of Italo and the Prussian vorsprung bass technique. Anyways just in case you thought Krautrock was the sole ownership of a coiterie of German merry pranksters, that its best works were preserved in aspic from the sixties/seventies and that the genre remains languishing on the slagheap along with romo and nu-metal, well fear not. Madcap modern day scouse reprobates Kling Kling enjoy their heavy krautrockish blowouts just as much as the next Damo Suzuki and here is one of their more thrilling sonic fuckspirals.

Silver Medalist

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