Monday, September 8, 2008

Cibo Matto - Sugar Water

"Ren a brack crat crosses mwy prath". This barmy Cibo Matto video was a staple of late night indie tv shows for many a year; the kind in which you'd get a weekly hour or so fix of vids and be happy with, and the kind the MTV and its cabal of noisey non-stop whirling irritantalikes killed dead. It's one of those vids that if you try to think about how they did it, it's like trying to debate the plot of Back To The Future, which leaves people upset, confused, angry and pining for a hoverboard. Apparently they all did it in one take, which doesn't help matters at all. This vid heartily contributed to the promotion of the still bouyant stereotype that all Japanese are a mad as a kettle of sushi. Backwards vids all this week i've just decided!

silver medalist

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