Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wild Beasts - The Devil's Crayon

I had this record and i put it somewhere and now i don't. Annoying. Especially because at the time it was one of the best albums i'd heard all year in what has been a fairly annus horibilis for music. Yet somehow i managed to avoid not losing shite like The Infidels album which sits there staring at me like a festering boil made of a thousand tiny daggers intermittently piercing by rectum. The video is farily perfunctory here but the tune is mighty. They're a bunch of lads from Leeds mercifully doing something slightly different with the laboured 'boys with guitars' formula. It helps that their lead vocalist sounds like Antony Hegarty but with cojones. Sometimes he does anyways. It's nothing at all like the new Oasis video which is like watching Noel curl one out on your chest after he injested the gatefold vinly cover of Sgt.Peppers and a dvd of the Magical Mystery Tour. Sorry.

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