Monday, August 18, 2008

She and Him - Why Don't You Let Me Stay Here?

Everyone's favourite indie actress slash singing poppet, Zooey Deschanel (pronounced "Zooey Deschanel") has further embellished her claim to be the Pitchfork readers' pin-up du jour by hooking up with gravelly americana merchant M. Ward and releasing a record of refreshingly gloopy love songs, heartbreakers and doo-wop ditties. The She and Him record Volume One is unpretentious, sentimental and a bit lovely. So Zooey doesn't have a great voice, but she sings with personality which is more than most identikit automatons can manage these days. There's lots of spry wordplay on offer too for sadsacks to whimper over. I not sure if M.Ward is tackling her but he's probably trying to.

Here is the video for Why Don't You Let Me Stay Here?

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