Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Folk Week - Vashti Bunyan

Ms Bunyan was a bit of a mad bint back in her day and played a seminal role in the development of all those fey folkie female artists that are de rigueur these days. She made one record and then rambled off all over the place in a wanderly wagon with a few of her urchins. she even ended up in galway at one point. then years later these plan b reading nerds were over in a gaf after a fourtet gig talking about nu-folk wyrdness, and one of these musos pulled out her old record and they all started drooling over it and made a geeky pact to find vashti and ressurrect her career. the discoved her in the yellow pages and set about introducing her to animal collective and other folkie wierdos, and now she's famous again. Thank goodness for hipsters. Here's a strange video of her from the sixties when she looks like shes feeling a bit sad about having to sit on a tall stool.

Silver Medalist

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