Monday, August 25, 2008

Toktok Vs Soffy O - Missy Queen's Gonna Die

Back in the nineties, the German satelite channels were pervceived as just a treasure trove of Benny Hill porn and badly dubbed episodes of Beverly Hills Bordello. But there was more. Honestly. They also hosted a couple of great music networks, notably Viva 1 and 2, which showcased pan-european tunes that you would never have heard way over this side of europe. This was before Ryanair so transporting bangers like Missy Queen's Gonna Die across boarders was costly as they had to have their own seat booked on the plane. It's a classic chunk of teutonic electro complete with nonsense ephemeral video and a huffy aryan ice madien on vocals.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think this track was in the 90s it was 2001 afaik.

And it's hardly a lost gem that never made it over here. It was a massive hit mainly due to the fact that it featured on a very successful mix album by Felix the Housecat from the time.