Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Blue Nile - The Downtown Lights

The Blue Nile are deadly, but some folks reckon they're a bit naff because of their slick 80s synths and pored-over production. Tommyrot; their sound is the apogee of that decade's sophisticated pop sheen, with smart, heartfelt lyrics and lush adult- contemporary sonics. I think the eighties remain the most misunderstood musical decade - lots of it's swaggering pop dynamos like Prefab Sprout, Tears For Fears, Scritti Politti etc, had a marked uniqueness, in contrast with the generic guitar muck that plagues our ears these days. Anyways the Blue Nile get bonus points because their singer, Paul Buchanan, looks like Andy Townsend. In this vid Andy is forced to sit in a golden triangle while recording a song amidst a wet, meloncholy urban dystopia.

Silver Medalist

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