Thursday, January 29, 2009

Windy and Carl - Undercurrent

The lamented Silver Medalist returns from hiatus with promises of gold, frankspencer and mirrors. New Year blues prompted yours truly to do a "Bon Iver" and relocate to a log cabin and attempt to make my own private internet out of string, blu tack, and thinly veiled contempt for Liverpool FC, but alas the project failed after I could only get around 256kps speed with such a flimsy base infrastructure. The heroic McClow was left pulling the wagon on his own on Detritus TV, and that he did with furious abandon. The period of reflection was not a wasted one, as I have returned invigorated with glittery new youtube baubles. Now, let's be quiet and savour the dronecore of Windy and Carl.

Silver Medalist

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