Monday, January 12, 2009

Beta Residue Week - King Biscuit Time

McClow returns after his icy wanderings and is back thawing out at DetritusTV. Thanks to Jimmy Joe Jackson for looking after things.

You may have noticed that the arts pages of magazines and papers are awash with tales of the newest bands and noises that you must like in 2009. Listen to White Pies and Little Boots they demand! but we at DetritusTV have decided to deal with slightly less contemporary matters such as bands that have broken up. This week comes the turn of one of the most sorely missed groups of all - The Beta Band. This week we'll play vids by off-shoots, bands created by former members and the odd Beta vid.

First up is King Biscuit Time which is the name Steve Mason of the Beta Band now records under. He released one album in 2006 and his website is disabled so not sure of the future for The Biscuit as he's known.


This vid reminded me of a great online game called Line Rider which is free to try out here.

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