Friday, February 13, 2009

Glasgow Week - Mogwai

HELP US!! DetritusTV is still languishing on some forgotten beach on this isle called Scotland. The icy crossing is gone and we've been left gazing across the ocean at our distant homeland.

Another friendly beach dweller approached us today and recited some poetry by the Scottish poet Philip Larkin:

Seventy feet down
The sea explodes upwards,
Relapsing, to slaver
Off landing-stage steps -
Running suds, Rejoice!

While these lines alleviated our misery somewhat, it's transit home we need not poetry.

Fortunately this beach person also had some music on his discman and let us listen to two Mogwai tracks one being our favourite 2 Rights Make One Wrong.

Hopefully DetritusTV will make it home soon.


1 comment:

shane said...

safe journey back from glasgowy detritus TV. Love the tunes. oh and happy valentine.