Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bands that should be allowed curate - No.5 - The Fall

For the past few years for some inexplicable reason Groove Armada are allowed to curate a festival which incidentally has the most annoying name for a festival ever - Lovebox. Curate may be too technical a word to describe this process, this years lineup in Dublin looks like they picked up a 3 year old copy of music comic nme and just picked whoever was on the front cover. Headlining Maximo Park , are you kidding, Gorillaz Soundsystem - what? and then a whole list of unknowns with one stupider name after the other Paolo Nutini, Sam Sparro and feckin' Kid Creole and the Coconuts. If more than 10 people actually attend this i would be surprised. As for Groove Armada thankfully they don't actually appear to be playing. Their popularity is something that continues to mystify me, they make insipid marketing music and they are called Groove Armada. Anyway I will suggest over the coming days the top 5 bands that should be allowed to curate a festival and if i pick a band that ATP have already used then so WHAT. At no.5 The Fall. It would be great, there could be a literary tent with Mark E reading from his autobiography and as for bands all you'd need would be all the ex members of The Fall and you'd have a full lineup. Video for track reformation below -

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